We have a small selection of petit hotels that have been chosen for their quality of service, passenger attention and beautiful settings, most of them are run by their owners.


Eco Lodge

casa colibriThis is a magic place in the Sacred Valley. Completely submerge in between beautiful gardens with only 6 cottages that are run by their owners. Their gardens are full of flowers and totally habited by dozens of humming birds that whirl and sing around you all day long.
This eco-lodge has all the details that have been carefully selected by their owner giving you an atmosphere of feeling like at home. Their rooms are also decorated delicately with warm goose feather blankets, beautiful linens, and small details that warm your heart.
You can also have a friendly dinner prepared with the organic products that are reaped from the garden, tasting all the natural flavors and special Andean Peruvian cuisine from the hands of Barbara with the incomparable attention of Robert.


Petit Hotel

Amaru ValleNestled in the upper part of Urubamba city, this is a very special hotel that has its ambiance on its own.
Run by their owner, this place has small cottages type of rooms that transport you to a very special place the moment you get in their premises.
This petit hotel has also wonderful settings where you can wonder around choosing any spot to rest and share the quietness and magestic view of the Chicon Creek, one of the mountain creeks that surround the Sacred Valley.
It counts with 20 cottages with doubles and triples and has also a restaurant where you can lunch or dinner at any time.
A quiet and peaceful stay is granted in this petit hotel.

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