We do have special places for any kind of retreat you are planning might be this for one, two or a group. Yoga retreats, spiritual gatherings, professional meetings, group meditations and special workshops are really welcome to inquire the places we have chosen for you.

This is a wonderful opportunity for meeting other persons who have also the same interest in these thematics.

Personal development courses are our specialty. These courses might require a extended stay from 7 up to 15 days and might include lodging in our cottages and could include other tours as well in between, such as visiting energetics spots in southern Peru as Macchu Picchu Santuary and also in Puno, Titicaca Lake.

Geometric and Numerical De-codification of the Name
These courses are intended for seekers who are really looking for a deep and profound knowledge of themselves, and can begin with a basic revelation of the meaning of their name, purpose and mission in life. This is called the Geometric and Numerical De-codification of the Name. Also might require personal skills in handling drawing materials. It is open all through the year and can be from one up to 6 people who will be guided and assisted during all times. All materials are provided.

The Ultimate revelation of “The Tree of Light and Love”
There is a way of tapping the Universe that has been revealed across centuries through the well known Tree of Life by the Cabbalists. Although it was taught long ago to only men as well as in the Jewish tradition, this knowledge has know expanded and provided in a unique perspective to all those who really are seeking for a way through the labyrinth of life.
This unique approach and overview could be for people who are already in the study of this wonderful tree as well as for those who are new to it. It requires an open minded mind as well as an open heart. You will be guided and assisted throughout the whole momentum by personal guides that will lovingly sustain your path to this special revelation. All material and manuals will be provided. This is only a begging course that could develop on demand to the continuity and retreats regarding the Study of this Magnificent Tree of Life.

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