We provide all the services that the you might need, depending on your length of stay and requirements of your trip.

Couples, families and groups require different services, we are open to fulfill any of them.

Adventure Tours
These tours are designed specially for the adventurous traveler. We count with the specialist on each specific area of adventure, all of them have developed and outstanding reputation for their service.
Each tour can be specially tailored and combined with rest days and cultural activities, depending in your interests and the amount of adrenalin you want to reach every day.
Horse back Riding, Rock climbing, bicycling or just Trekking around untouched trails that can give you a much more widen view of the Andes, the ancient culture and the tradition, that still today can be tasted in every step you make, every day of your stay in this Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Urubamba, Yucay, Ollantaytambo, Pisac and Cusco.

Classical Tours
All the most important sights regarding Inka culture and other archeological ruins can be visited during your stay. Places such as: Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Pukapukara, Tambomachay, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, Chinchero, Maras, Moray, Oropesa, Andahuaylilas, Tipón, Raqchi and the extraordinary New Seven Wonders of the World Macchu Picchu, and Colonial Cusco are the most extraordinary sites that will give you the right idea of the vast and incredible historical background Peru keeps.
This are 4, up to 7 days tours some of them full day tours or half day tours but depending your time, energy and interests can be alternated with cultural tours and /or adventure ones.

Cultural Visits
- Spend a morning or afternoon in the Quechua community of Patacancha and receive an introduction to the ancient Andean art of backstrap weaving from one of our weavers. You will also have the opportunity to try spinning yarn on the p’uska (Andean drop spindle). You will be accompanied during your stay by a volunteer who will introduce you to your weaving teacher and get you started on the fundamentals of backstrap loom weaving. The aim is to complete a pulsera (bracelet) to take home!
Pottery - In a morning or afternoon, a master potter can teach you not only the basics of hand-built pottery, but also the history and significance of ceramics in Peru.
You will learn form first hand master which are the ancient materials used and the ancestral techniques , glazes or the potter’s wheel. You will also learn how to make pottery entirely by hand, using raw materials and local clays gathered from the surrounding areas of Cusco. All the pottery classes are in fluent English
Tours to the community of Patakancha offer the chance to experience and learn about Andean indigenous culture, while at the same time contributing to its survival and to the well-being of rural indigenous women and their families

Other services facilities
Coming to Cusco, Peru and having all that new information to digest surrounding you every instant will demand of you to have a bilingual guide every single minute or you will loose plenty of data during your trip.
We strongly suggest to have a bilingual guide. Booking with us any of the tours will guarantee this to you, we have selected wise and serious guides properly registered that will actually tell you the theories surrounding the site your are visiting. We do also hire guides for much more extended group tours, archeologists or anthropologists that have really studied the history of Cusco.
We do offer the service of housekeeping but this can also be sometime annoying if you want your place totally for you and your family. We can offer you this service on demand and with a previous schedule that satisfies your needs.
Sometimes when you travel you don’t want to have your mind occupied in what to cook today, this service has been thought for you to provide you leisure and not worries what so ever… A cook can arrange your everyday meal depending on your dietary needs and desire to taste all the Peruvian cuisine this country of Peru has to Offer.
This is a chance to be introduced not in a restaurant type of dishes you can buy anywhere in a restaurant but, instead to taste the real Peruvian kitchen everyday Peruvians cook in their homes…the real stuff!!
Baby sitter:
Why stay troubled in your rented home without being able to have a romantic dinner in a restaurant or being able to have a free day of your mom or dad duty, if you can have a nice and lovely baby sitter taking care of your kids?.
We have thought in this issue for you and we have selected nice girls who naturally take care of their younger’s brothers and sisters practically since they are young. We do have police checks and healthy tests of them before we selected them. This could be an afternoon babysitting or a whole day it depends of your needs.
Rent a car
We do work with one of the mayor rental companies of the world and we offer special cars for the lands special features. All the cars can be rented for one, two or a whole week depending on your needs, all have special coverage included.

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